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“Camilla Thurlow reminds us she’s the best person to come out of Love Island in inspiring doc”

“Camilla Thurlow is praised by fans for 'inspirational' humanitarian documentary.”


Daily Mail

“The articulate, passionate Thurlow was spreading the word to a different demographic.”


The Telegraph

Juggling stardom with a blossoming relationship, as well as her ongoing work to raise awareness of landmines, Camilla is going back in front of the cameras for the first time since Love Island to offer viewers an intimate glimpse into her hectic lifestyle which is not just aspirational but inspirational. 


Former humanitarian worker Camilla will also be going back to her roots as she embarks an emotional, empowering and exhausting journey back to Cambodia where she used to work for the mine clearance charity the HALO Trust. 

What Camilla Did Next - The Times T2 (28

"One of my main hopes is that the film raises awareness of the incredibly sad situation in Cambodia and other places affected by the remnants of war..." 

-Camilla Thurlow

What Camilla Did Next TX RS _140820-min.
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