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Available to watch in the USA and Canada on BBC Select

"this mythological figure is far more than an excuse for sensual nudity. Through art, archaeology and myth Hughes unravels a story of human desire"

The Sunday Telegraph

"Hughes delivers a captivating hour"

The Times

"Historian Bettany Hughes goes on an entertaining journey to explore the potent power of Venus and her ...[of] surprising relevance today"

The Telegraph

Through ancient art, evocative myth, exciting archaeological revelations and philosophical explorations Bettany reveals how this immortal goddess endures through to the 21st century, and what her story and journey through time reveals about what matters to us as humans. Uncovering Venus shows us why we still need to care about this primordial companion on the human journey - and how we trivialise her power at our peril.

‘Bettany Hughes continues her admirable mission to restore the power of the feminine to its rightful place in history.’

FT Five Star choice

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