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Critics Choice, The Mail

"uncovering hidden treasures and new archaeological finds, as well as the truth behind ancient myths and legends"

Pick of the Day, TV Choice

"truly epic"

Today's TV, Daily Mirror

In this 6-part series Bettany Hughes embarks on an extraordinary journey to unpack the myths and legends of the Greek islands. We follow Bettany on an immersive voyage of discovery as she explores the culture, traditions, food and history of the Aegean.


It is a personal adventure that is intimate in tone and at the same time truly epic in scale and ambition. Bettany has been travelling Greece for the last thirty years, but never like this. Now she will explore the Greek myths, the people who created them and the landscapes which gave them shape. In travelogue style, this journey will bring to life her epic heroes; Odysseus, Achilles, Jason and his Argonauts, Helen of Troy, Hercules.

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