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From Paris to Rome
(Channel 5)

'Luscious...' 'The life affirming value of great art'

Pick of the Day & Pick of the Week, The Sunday Times

'Rhapsodic. Undeniably intriguing...'

Pick of the Day & Pick of the Week, Radio Times

'Enthusiastic  and erudite...'

Daily Highlights, TV Times

Prof. Bettany Hughes is on the journey of a lifetime through France and Italy to understand how travel, art, and culture can enrich our lives. Inspired by the 18th Century’s Grand Tourists, Bettany is making her own modern, pleasure-filled pilgrimages to some of Europe’s most beautiful cities including Paris, Nice, Florence, Lake Como, Venice, and Rome.   


Bettany reveals the honeypot of art and culture that make these the world’s most desirable and popular destinations. This is a sumptuous treat-filled adventure revelling in the most inspirational art, culture, and history with a healthy dose of fine wine and delicious food thrown in for good measure.  

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